KIM SE JEONG - 'Warning (Feat. lIlBOI)' Official M/V

 KIM SE JEONG - 'Warning (Feat. lIlBOI)' 

Official M/V

Singer songwriter KIM SE JEONG, her ways of taking a break - 2nd Mini Album [I’m] KIM SE JEONG talks about ‘how to take a break’ through this album. [I’m] is an album that she has participated in composition and lyrics writing to capture her honest thoughts and feelings she felt as she looks back on her career since debut, having worked without any breaks. As she has worked on her title track ‘Warning’ she thought to herself ‘it is okay to take breaks’. Everyone feels the limit at some point. But, if you aren’t aware of it and keep on running endlessly, you will be overwhelmed, and the pain will be unbearable. Take breaks when you need one. It will make your next step feel lighter only if you take a break. In this way, KIM SE JEONG tries to ‘comfort’ with her own color. Don’t we all get comforted by listening to bright and refreshing song at times. She hopes ‘Warning’ would be such song.

Post: hyunyrun.blogspot
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